Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research (Print ISSN: 1533-3590; Online ISSN: 1533-3604)


Advanced Persistent Threats (Apt): An Awareness Review

Author(s): Hussin J. Hejase, Hasan F. Fayyad-Kazan, Imad Moukadem

COVID-19 pandemic has become a major threat to all institutions, irrespective of its economic role, private and public, by threatening all the functions capitalizing on the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, networks, systems and Internet-based solutions including Internet of Things and Cloud computing. The field is open to advanced persistent threats (APTs) whereby the outcomes may become very costly to all institutions and governments across the globe. This paper aims to shed light on the premises of APT in order to provide awareness to what it is, understanding its functions and how to mitigate its impact on institutions of all sizes. The approach is based on descriptive analysis based on secondary data reported in books, journals, websites and blogs. The outcomes are presented as an eye opener to the current status-quo of systems and networks and how to remedy the aforementioned threats.

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