Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


An Empirical Study of Quality Management System in the Algerian Construction Projects

Author(s): BOUZIDI Yousra, LOUAFI Samira, SAIGHI Ouafa

The overall objective of this paper is to measure the extent of knowledge and implementation of QMS in Algeria and to assess the degree of reliability of Algerian construction companies to implement QMS and make appropriate use of quality tools.A questionnaire survey was conducted to assess the perceptions of all actors in the construction industry, the target population for this study consists of architects, engineers and project managers with experience in the implementation of QMS in construction projects in Algeria. An exploratory approach was adopted by studying the available literature to create and build on a quality management framework for construction projects and based on this, lists of measures and quality control tools were developed in consultation with the staff. The results show a high degree of misunderstanding of the strategies, tools and techniques of the QMS in the construction companies, the tools and techniques used for quality control are not reliable and consistent. There is a need to further standardize procedures and processes as well as inputs for the Algerian construction industry to adopt a QMS in true spirit, our research gives a global overview of the functioning of the QMS and aims to simplify the reading and understanding of its different principles by interested managers and it can help the construction project management team to have an idea of how to effectively manage construction activities throughout the project life cycle, through the integration of QMS. To date, only limited research has been conducted on the application of ISO 9001 in construction projects in Algeria. This is the first article providing empirical evidence on the status of QMS application in construction projects in Algeria.

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