Academy of Educational Leadership Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6328; Online ISSN: 1528-2643)


An Exploration of the Supervisory Perceptions, Practices and Teachers Assessment of Needs: A Basis for The Formulation of Supervisory Strategies in School

Author(s): Ma. Kristina Graciella A. de Vela, Rommel Pelayo

The study intends to explore the congruency between the supervisory perceptions and practice of the school leader and identify the needs of the teachers as a basis to formulate the supervisory strategy of the school. Three variables were studied carefully. These are the supervisory practices, supervisory perception and assessment of needs67 out of a total of 80 teachers participated in the survey of assessment of needs while one school principal was interviewed to obtain his perception, practices and the congruency of the two variables under study. The researcher used case study design where N=1 model was used for the two variables under study. Survey of needs revealed that teachers require to maximize the use of technology in the classroom, explore more about effective teaching strategies that work well in the classroom, collaboration in the lessons, implementation of the approaches to teaching and learning skills and content- subject specific training. Through coding strategies and linguistic discourse analysis, the researcher discovered collaboration, advertence, morale- boosting, presence, flexibilities, and accountabilities were the supervisory strategies used where situational leadership remain consistent as a theme between practices and perception of the leader in the school. Researcher recommends that school leaders and future researchers to study further the effects of these supervisory strategies on teachers’ and students’ performance, and staff satisfaction. Moreover, the school leaders may collect evidentiary support to determine the frequency and consistency of using the aforementioned supervisory strategies across the school and correlate them with factors such as teacher and student performance and staff satisfaction.

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