Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Applied Market Research of New Food Products Entering Domestic Market: A Case Study of a South Ameraican Food Company Entering Australian Food Market

Author(s): Yuxi Huan, Zhan Huan

The case of a South American food company (their product is a traditional South American food, empanada) is used by the research project report to explore challenges that companies may face when entering new markets and relevant solutions are offered to attract local consumers with new foods through three aspects: (1) Clarifying existing consumer’s attitudes and perception towards new foods; (2) Confirming its competitors and seizing its market share; (3) Understanding involved consumer’s behaviors and ascertaining barriers and motivators which impact the relationship between new foods and consumers. Related secondary and academic literature is explored by us and then we put forward the exploratory-descriptive design. At the exploratory design step, research methods of qualitative with data collected from relevant interviews are used by us. Although competitors are impeding empanada’s development of empanadas in Australian food market, it is more significant for the company to improve local consumer’s product awareness, which may significantly change their preferences. If consumers learn more about new brands and products, they may make them the first preferred products in their minds during purchasing process. The first product that can be added into consumer's mind can make the company gain more share in this market and this may also become one important reason for beating its competitors. INTRODUCTION From Jumiati