Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Assessment Of Celebrity Endorsement Impact On Consumers??? Switching Behaviour In Nigeria Telecommunication Industry

Author(s): Albert O. Iheanacho, Adigwe D. Ogbechi, Samuel C. Ilodigwe

This study was undertaken to examine the impact of celebrity endorsement on consumer switching behaviour in 9mobile- A Telecommunications provider in Nigeria. The study adopted a survey research design where three hundred and seventy-four respondents were purposively selected from the port-in subscriber database of 9Mobile. The analysis and presentation of data were done using descriptive and inferential statistics and shown frequency distribution tables. Simple regression analysis was employed to form a basis for tests of significance levels and access the variability within the regression model to generate information about the subject matter of the study. Findings from the study showed that, the attractiveness of the celebrity has an impact on consumer switching behavior; though weak. The study showed strong relationship between trustworthiness of the celebrity and consumer switching behaviour; highlighting in addition how the celebrity can be seen as a subject matter expert which can sway positive switching behaviour. The research finally establishes the respect for the celebrity endorser has an impact on consumer switching behavior; a celebrity held in high-esteem can influence consumer porting. It was recommended that companies should ensure that the celebrity endorser reflects critical characteristics like expertise, trustworthiness, respect and attractiveness in that order. It was also suggested that there should be some congruence between the celebrity and the product endorsed whilst adding that celebrity endorsement as a promotional tool should not be used in isolation but in combination with other promotional elements to garner affinity for service offerings.
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