Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Challenges Faced by Indian Msmes in Adoption of Internet Marketing and E-commerce

Author(s): Vidit Mohan, Salman Ali

This paper report findings from a study that researched challenges faced by Indian MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) in the adoption of internet marketing and ecommerce. Qualitative interviews amongst a dozen firms were followed up by a survey amongst over a hundred MSMEs operating in India. Responses from the interviews and the survey helped in the identification of some of the major challenges and barriers faced by Indian MSMEs over the adoption of internet marketing and e-commerce for their businesses. Being among the first studies that capture the key elements and issues with the adoption of internet marketing and ecommerce by MSMEs in the Indian context, this study, apart from its contribution to research and for practitioners, also bears suggestive implications for policymakers on supportive actions to integrate MSMEs to mainstream internet market and e-commerce.