Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Comparing Marketing Practices and Financial Performances in Jorda

Author(s): Majed Khalil Shami

Due to the difference in the credit policy of the Islamic banks and conventional banks in Jordan, the financial & corporate performance along with the default risk are being affected of the banks. The banking industry of Jordan was challenged by a turbulent market environment during the years 1984-1988. These influences reduced the profitability of banks and hindered and delayed the accomplishment of their goals. This study aims to provide the bankers with a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the importance related to various characteristics of marketing strategy; such as market information, market segmentation, target marketing, and market positioning. For this study, data was collected through six research questions from three managerial groups, namely, the middle management, the top management and the branch management of 17 banks. These participants represented 85% of the banking industry of Jordan. The demographic data of the 49 participants was collected from all the levels of managerial positions. The demographic data included the age, position, gender, experience, and education level of the respondents. It was evaluated that there were no significant differences between three managerial groups regarding their perception of the attributes of market information, market segmentation, target marketing, and market positioning. Additionally, it was discovered that the more the managers were equipped with knowledge regarding their customers, competitors, and other personnel in the banking industry; the more positive were the changes in all financial performance indicators. Although, this research revelation would help managers and the banking industry to increase their profitability; it is recommended that other studies need to be conducted taking customers, personnel and competitors into consideration.

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