Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Conceptualizing and Operationalizing Customer Perceived Ethicality (Cpe) In the Indian Service Sector

Author(s): A N Ravichandran, Bilal M Khan and Shanthi Venkatesh

While CPE both as a concept and as a construct for further research has advanced in Western geographies, there is little research in Asian countries. This study addresses the gap by evolving a conceptual framework, and developing a scale for further research. Research is carried out in two phases: 1. An exploratory research using the long interview methodology to arrive at domain items of CPE unique to India, with specific reference to the Service sector. 2. Operationalising the construct CPE, based on two independent surveys using a Likert 7-point scale. 31 well-known brands representing six service industries are included. Using SPSS and AMOS 23, factor analysis is deployed to arrive at a reliable, valid instrument. A psychometrically sound measurement scale for CPE is developed for the first time in India, based on CPE Domain items resulting from the exploratory research. It can be used to advance research to study the relationships between CPE and brand-related Constructs, and in business, for understanding how CPE influences consumer decision making; help firms prioritize budgets and activities. The research fills a gap identified in similar research in Europe, calling for replicating studies both at a conceptual level as well as developing a measurement scale.

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