Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Crisis Leader: Lessons from Covid-19 of Thai Business Sector

Author(s): Bangorn Benjathikul

The objectives of the research on Crisis Leader: Lessons from COVID -19 of Thai Business Sector are 1) to study the corporate management of the Crisis Leader: Lessons from COVID -19 of Thai Business Sector and 2) to study the approaches in the development of Crisis Leader: Lessons from COVID-19 of Thai Business Sector. It is the qualitative research by collecting the data from 20 key informants who had passed the purposive selection with the good knowledge and relevance to the studied subject including the government executives involving in government policy, private business owners, Industry Association of Thailand, Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thai Restaurant Association, Thai Hotel Association, and Thai Tourism Association. The instruments used for data collection were structured interviews. The research result reveal that the Management Leaders and employees must work together to help brainstorm solutions to problems by setting up a working team to take responsibility during a crisis. Human resource management leaders should set up a monitoring and care center to build morale, take care of employees’ health and safety. The guidelines and measures must be established to prevent transmission in the organization. The work style should be adjusted. In the management and the leadership, the leaders should have high leadership, dare to think, make decisions, have broad vision, be strong and resolute. It is the center of the minds of people in the organization. Decision-making leaders need to make timely decisions based on the information available at that time, knowing the goals of the decisions and understanding the situation well first. For technology and innovation, the leaders should apply technology and innovation to transform and improve processes into a technology organization.

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