Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Customer Experience In Diagnostic Centres: An Empirical Study

Author(s): Suman Agarwal

Purpose: This paper attempts to find out the factors affecting customers’ experience in diagnostic centres and to measure the level of overall customers’ experience with various health diagnostic centres to identify the major areas of concern for the service providers. Design/methodology/approach:The nature of the research is descriptive. The data is collected fromprimary sources using structured questionnaire from the individuals who had already received diagnostic services from diagnostic centres. The customer was either the patient himself/herself or his/her attendant in case of minor and dependent person. Further, the customer database of at least three months was studied and judgement sampling was undertaken. The SPSS software was used to edit, code and analyse the primary data. Descriptive statistics along with inferential statistical tool was used for analysis. Factor analysis was done to club the components. Findings: Thestudy showed moderately favourable level of customer experience among the customers of the diagnostic centres inGuwahati. The factors affecting customers’ experience in a diagnostic centre are availability of requisite infrastructure, comfort of dealing, empathetic treatment to patients, ancillary services and accessibility and availability of services. Originality: The present study opens new vistas from ethical and social angles apart from the managerial points raised. It also underlines how the analyses of customers’ experience act as a road map for the improvement of healthcare services. Research limitations/implications:Empirical evidenceof this research work will help the researchers to contribute further after exploring the future scope. Future researches in other organizations can be done for varied results. The customer experience can be tapped for future implications. Practical implications: The findings of the research work will serve as a yardstick and guide for diagnostic centres and others in the same sector for incorporating analytical tools in customer experience management which can help the managers to look carefully into processes to assess evidence and yield proper results. Social implications: A thorough understanding of the customers’ experience is presented which will showcase their preferences. The managerial recommendations point towards better resource allocation for the improvement of customer experience. The research will serve for a better healthcare system with increased focus on customer experience. The patients will fare better when these implications are applied

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