Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Customer Journey and Experience in the Banking Sector: A Comprehensive Analysis and Future Scope

Author(s): Kanishka Sangwan and Rajan Yadav

This study conducts a comprehensive scientific mapping analysis of significant publications regarding customer experience within the banking sector, placing special emphasis on the customer journey. While ground-breaking research has been conducted on customer experience, there exists a literature gap pertaining to the customer journey of a bank's clientele. Given the increasing awareness surrounding financial institutions and their services, it is imperative to scrutinize the available literature in this domain. The authors introduce a thematic analysis subsequent to presenting a bibliometric approach, aimed at exploring state-of-the-art research concerning customer experience in the banking sector through the lens of the customer journey. A total of 365 publications spanning a 20-year period on the aforementioned subject were sourced from the Web of Science. This study delineates the evolving volume of publications, the countries involved, sources, citations, authorship networks, and features a thematic map highlighting emerging themes. The results demonstrate a significant interest among both academicians and practitioners in investigating digital touchpoints and discerning the reasons underlying customer engagement with the digital customer journey. The study reveals that every banking customer prioritizes service quality and secures payments, necessitating the utmost attention from banks, as this directly leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, thereby augmenting the overall customer experience. To ascertain the most prominently discussed themes within our dataset, we employed VosViewer to construct a graphical representation of the bibliometric data. We present five major clusters, elucidating customer personas, digital touchpoints consequent to the introduction of mobile banking as an emerging theme, direct impact of brand image on customer experience, and omnichannel banking. The paper concludes with a synthesis of the entire study, accompanied by its implications and outlines potential avenues for future research in this field.

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