Customers Perceptions of Online Retailing Service Quality and Their Loyalty

Author(s): Vikas Gautam and Vikram Sharma

Computer-assisted services have developed in abundance and contributing substantially towards swift progression of Internet espousal. The main objective of the current study was to examine the effects of E-Service Quality (website design, reliability, privacy/security, and customer service), Customer Perceived Value, Corporate Image, Customer Satisfaction, Trust, and Commitment, on customer Loyalty. After theoretical considerations, a research model was developed and empirically tested. 243 eligible responses were collected via an offline questionnaire survey. Higher order Structural Equation Modeling results confirmed significant effects of customer satisfaction, corporate image, and commitment on customer loyalty by explaining 79.70 % of variance. Whereas, trust proved to be insignificant predictor of customer loyalty. Commitment was not found having significant mediating effect in the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty. On the other hand, corporate image has an indirect positive effect on customer loyalty through customer satisfaction. Moreover, electronic service quality has a direct and indirect positive effect on customer satisfaction through customer perceived value. Drawing from the results, this research provides empirical support that customer loyalty can be influenced by e-service quality, customer perceived value, customer satisfaction, commitment, and corporate image in online retail context.

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