Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Determinants of Mobile Marketing Acceptance and Adoption in Greater Visakhapatnam City

Author(s): Pratima Merugu, GNPV Babu, M. Vijayabaskar, Joseph Paul and Chandana Valluripalli

Purpose: This study empirically investigates the significant factors influencing consumer acceptance and adoption of mobile marketing. The research aims to develop a conceptual model of mobile marketing acceptance and adoption in Visakhapatnam City. Research Design/Methodology: Structural equation modeling to identify variables inducing the adoption of mobile advertising among buyers is applied. A total of 400 respondents' data was analyzed. The subjects of this study are general customers in Visakhapatnam City. The sampling method used is convenience sampling. Findings: The study's effects illustrate the role of selected variables: perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, information, entertainment, credibility, and privacy, to determine customer attitude and adoption of mobile marketing. Originality: The study conceptualized a framework for understanding consumer's acceptance and adoption of mobile marketing in Visakhapatnam city Managerial Implications: The findings of the study will help identify the indicators of consumers' adoption of mobile marketing and for companies to build appropriate strategies targeting potential buyers of this latest technology Limitations: The study examines the user's attitudes and adoption of mobile marketing in Visakhapatnam City alone. Further studies can focus on different geographical and cultural settings.

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