Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research (Print ISSN: 1533-3590; Online ISSN: 1533-3604)


Drought, Flood Anomaly and Impacts on Migration in Hau Riverside area of Vietnam Today

Author(s): Le Thi Hoa

From the perspective of environmental security, environmental hazards have caused Hau riverside area to face certain difficulties and risks in daily life and production. Drought and flood anomaly are two noticeable environmental hazards because they have had strong impacts on the three main livelihoods of people, namely rice cultivation, fruit tree cultivation and aquaculture. A large number of people have to give up their livelihoods, abandon their homeland and choose to migrate to other areas to do business and live. Thence, there are certain challenges in ensuring human resources for local production, and higher challenges for ensuring food security, social security and order and sustainable development goals in the Hau riverside area. The above practice poses an urgent need to identify and research to build and replicate sustainable livelihoods models contributing to social stability, economic development, and adaption to climate change and natural disasters in the Hau riverside area in particular and in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam in general in the coming time.

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