Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Educational Entrepreneurship Policy Challenges and Recommendations for Pakistani Universities

Author(s): Muhammad Tanveer, Haider Ali, Ikram Ul Haq

In many illustrations, entrepreneurship has been conceived of finance and business projects and defined from several angles. It covers the region's physical, cultural, and technological facets. From the near past, entrepreneurship has gained widespread popularity and acknowledgment as a profession and research study. A related growth in the value of business schooling was also observed with the growing popularity of entrepreneurship. Business education in Pakistan is still a foreign practice. It was not before approximately 12 or 13 years that Pakistan's commission for Higher Education (HEC) recognized the relevance with the increasing footprints worldwide and found its inclusion in higher education. Economists see entrepreneurship as a mixture of ingenuity and risk-taking. Substantial growth levels and opportunities provided to all segments of the population and the deprived are reached when such behavior flourishes.

In Pakistan, the invasive role of the government in the economy seriously limits competition and risk-taking. When business wins were defined by security and promotion measures, the enterprise was transferred to pursuing government funds from those early days of organizing. The national economic policy also proposes to promote growth through a market-oriented approach in which the government regulates international trade through substantial neglect. Even this sector utilizes many of the needy or offers them chances for entrepreneurship. Undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Business Administration are limited to one or two subjects. This study aims to determine the potential role that entrepreneurship-related studies would impart in Pakistan's economic growth. In terms of economic growth, the opportunities for employment in entrepreneurship are considered more influential. Because of the procedure, the study indicates integrating entrepreneurship development from higher education as just a single specialized area since it seems to have great potential to modernize Pakistan's industry.

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