Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Enhancing Customers Deminer and Criteria towards Selecting Islamic Banks

Author(s): Mohammad Kamal Kamel Afaneh

 This study aims to determine customer's attitude and deminer illustrative elements for the selection of Islamic banks in Saudi Arabia. Basically, distinguish factors shape client's attitude toward Islamic Banks that are considered in clients' decision choices identified with various behavioral theories. Information were arbitrarily gathered from Islamic banks clients in Saudi Arabia. A poll was created, circulated, and examined through the model of t-test on 138 clients. The outcomes show that clients consider a few factors in their decision that were assigned among religious and non-religious. Basically, religious factors are standards, nonappearance of interest, religious sanction or avocation, profit sharing, and Islamic value premise of banking services. The non-religious related factors were adequate branches, caring and agreeable, appearance and inward embellishment design, quick services, reaction to the requirements of their clients, adequate number of staff, giving clients the first concerns, clients' necessities to incorporate unveiling data as a piece of accounting framework ampleness. Sufficient regard for each client, competitive service costs, and the impact of friends and family. It is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to say that religious factors are sufficient, yet the interest free banking significantly addresses the non-religious or the economic variables, and the profit-sharing guideline is significant; Policymakers should consider this to develop an positive perspective toward Islamic banks. This present review's discoveries suggest that religious and non-religious values fundamentally impact clients' expectations and decisions. It proposes that religious decree is the main variable, and the accessibility of data frameworks revealing clients' requirements.

This study guarantees that Islamic banks are needing drawing in and retain clients. To do as such, they would need to utilize related techniques intended to address such issues. Non-religious as the sole inspiration for picking Islamic banks has been expanded by fixing many related theories that are relied upon to widen Islamic banks' degree in creating methodologies toward clients' attitude development.


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