Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Ethnographic and Exploratory Study of Passengers Perceived Factors Towards the Airport Advertising

Author(s): Palvi Jearth, Dr. Gurcharan Singh and Shikhil Munjal

The proposed study investigated the notion of various appeals used in the airport advertising campaign, by which customers are affected. In reality, for advertisers to target a captive audience of business and leisure travellers, the airport is a unique setting. This research therefore offers a strong opportunity for global brands to do business in the Indian market and to gain a competitive edge. The research is limited to the entire nation, i.e. India. Indeed. Out of 1200 respondents, 600 respondents were from 3 domestic airports (Surat, Jammu, Ranchi) and 600 from 3 other international airports (Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore) in India. The questionnaires were completed. These airports were chosen based on India's top three busiest domestic and international airports (Airport Authority of India, 2016-17). For the purpose of the research, the respondents were those travellers who, irrespective of their age groups, flew through these chosen airports. The findings show that the most significant aspect is perceived interactivity, which influences the engagement of passengers with airport ads. In addition, attitude is found to be more influential and perceived familiarity is the least influential factor that can influence the perception of airport ads by passengers.

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