Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Formulating Strategic Management in Social Capital within Gated and Guarded Community to Achieve Social Well-Being

Author(s): Intan Nazuha Abdullah, Abdul Malek, Azima Abd Manaf

Issues in gated and guarded community increase from year to year and cause of increasing in fear of crime among the population. At the same time it will create social issues and bring a bad impression in certain residential area. Thus, gated and guarded housing scheme can be defined as gated and protected community in one of the housing principles that play an essential role in creating safer living surroundings. Meanwhile, functions of social capital in line with trust and social networks, which it could improve the performance of society by facilitating coordinated action. Social well-being is the feel a sense of belonging and social inclusion which involves a related person as a supporter through person in society. This paper aims to reflect on the strategic management in social capital in achieving community social well-being among the gated and guarded community resident. Specifically, it aims to gain insights into the relationship between strategic social capital, focusing more to the trust and network elements and social well-being in terms of stability, community, exclusive and privacy. So that strategic management will be as a tool to ensure the communities and social capital aspect can work together in the gated and guarded community area. As the result, the emergence of the concept of social capital has shed mild on the impact of social systems on network movements and collective well-being. 

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