Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Framing Australian Consumers Green Energy Buying Behaviour: A Review and Theoretical Foundation for Future Research

Author(s): Al Sadat I Ahmed, Dr. Parves Sultan and Dr. Galina Williams

Consumption of green energy is an important step toward meeting societal demand for reducing the carbon emissions that can help mitigate the climate change. Despite the growing ecological awareness and articulated preferences for green adoption, consumption of green energy into special category face slow rates of diffusion in the consumer market compared to any other green products. Given the need to encourage more green energy choices by consumers, research is needed to understand psychological factors affecting consumers’ green energy choice behavior. The study attempted to elucidate the key psychological factors affecting consumers’ green energy buying behavior (GEB) where the theory of planned behavior served as a framework for identifying the major determinants of green energy buying behavior and for determining their relative importance. The study sheds light on the conceptual dimensions of green energy consumerism can be viewed as a starting point incorporates a set of research propositions to be tested in the future research in context of a developed nation- Australia; adopting the theoretical framework of the TPB. This study provided value for GEBs that prompting people to exhibit green behaviour pertaining and commitment to GEBs as well as ensuring environmentally sustainable development of GEBs. The implications for theory, practice and scope for the future research discussed at the end.

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