Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Futuristic Trends and Innovations for Examining the Performance of the Course Learning Outcomes using Rasch Analytical Model

Author(s): Moustafa M. Nasralla, Basiem Al-Shattart, Dhafer J. Almakhles, Abdelhakim Abdelhadi, Eman Sabry, Ivan Garcia-Magarino

The literature on engineering education research highlights the relevance of evaluating course learning outcomes (CLOs). However, generic and reliable mechanisms for evaluating CLOs remain as challenges. The purpose of this project is to accurately evaluate the efficacy of the learning and teaching techniques through analyzing CLOs performance by using an advanced analytical model (i.e., Rasch model) in the context of engineering and business education. An association pattern between the students and the overall achieved CLO performance will be produced by this model. The sample in this project will be conducted on students who are enrolled in some nominated engineering and business courses over one academic year at Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia. This sample will consider several types of assessments, such as direct assessments (e.g., quizzes, assignments, projects, and examination) and indirect assessments (e.g., surveys). The current research illustrates that the Rasch Model for measurement is able to categorize grades in accordance with course expectations and standards in a more accurate manner, thus differentiating students by their extent of educational knowledge. The results from this project will guide the educator to track and monitor the CLOs’ performance, which is identified in every course to estimate the students’ knowledge, skills, and competence levels, which will be collected from the predefined sample by the end of each semester. The proposed approach with the Rasch measurement model can adequately assess the learning outcomes.

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