Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Growth of Cloud Hosted Data Mining Techniques in IOT Enabled Business Application: A Survey based on Users Experience

Author(s): Sumit Kumar

Advances in electronic communication, data processing, and internet technologies provide global access to and interaction with a vast array of physical devices. A blanket of multiple intelligent devices equipped with sensors and actuators envelops the whole surroundings. Thorough research on the Internet of things (IoT) with cloud technologies enables the capture of huge data created by this heterogeneous environment and the translation of this data into valuable information using data mining techniques. In addition, the produced information will play a significant part in advanced analytics, system performance optimization, and optimal resource and managed services. With this setting in mind, the research presents a systematic and comprehensive review of a number of data mining methodologies used to construct an intelligent environment in large and small scale IoT applications. It also gives insight into an IoT supported by the cloud. Big data mining system to assist readers comprehend the relevance of data mining in the context of the Internet of Things. 221 individuals from various industries were questioned to determine the uses, strategies, and effect of Internet of Things and Data Mining. It is discovered that the Internet of Things and data mining have a substantial influence on several industries. In addition, a survey of 219 business professionals was conducted to determine the applications, breadth, and effect of cloud computing. It is discovered that cloud computing has a substantial influence on IOT enabled business applications.

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