Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Impact of Celebrity Endorsements and the Prevalence of Vampire Effect- A Review

Author(s): Divya Negi, Maschanka Fernandes, Raghuram Naga Venkata Jeedigunta

The relentless rise in branding and competition within the market of merchandises and services has led to a steady growth in usage of celebrities for endorsements all across the globe. Using celebrities have become a key to strategize brand communication in organizations to aid the sales and promotion of the product. We’ve tried to examine how celebrity endorsement as a brand marketing tool serves as a utility to escalate brand image and sales but, also how it can become dreadful if not supported by a strong concept and efficient standing. Attention getting devices have been becoming a common tool used by advertisers to gain attention of potential audience. This tends to lay them open to a bigger risk of creating vampire effect wherein the core information regarding the brand or product is over shadowed by such devices. Currently, this conception of vampire effect seems to be a less researched topic in the advertising world. Thus, through this paper we have tried to deliver deeper insights on vampire effect occurring in advertisements involving celebrity endorsement. We’ve also given some examples where celebrity endorsements are used as an AGD and turned out to work pretty well and examples where a non-celebrity person or any other type of AGD proved to be advantageous to the company.

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