Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Intention to Purchase Green Energy of Australian Consumers Initial Research Findings

Author(s): Al Sadat I Ahmed, Dr. Parves Sultan and Dr. Galina Williams

The purpose of this paper was to provide an insight on the Australian consumer dynamics on green energy by assessing the role of personal factors affecting the green energy purchase intention (GPI). In doing so, the study has examined the role of green attitude, social influence, and intentions in regard to green energy consumption. It has addressed these concerns in an Australian context, filling a gap in the current literature which mostly consists of overseas countries. The theory of reasoned action (TRA) served as a framework investigating the core determinants of intention and their effect on GPI. This study is a part of a larger study that collected the data of 386 respondents from a postal mail survey in NSW, Australia during October2018.Data were anlysed statistically using SPSS v.25 and Smart PLS 3 software, and the hypotheses were tested using the partial least squares-based structural equation modelling (PLSSEM) technique. The finding of the study confirmed that purchase intention towards green energy is significantly influenced by social influence followed by green attitude in the TRA model. Green energy marketers and policy makers aiming for sustained, positive changes in consumer behaviour are encouraged to consider the findings and implications of this research. Examining the effect of green attitude and social influence on behavioural intention in the TRA model and including the Australian context are among its other contributions.

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