Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Is Ai The Next Big Thing In Human Resources?

Author(s): Leelavati T.S., Madhavi S., Hemanth Kumar T., Susmitha K, and Roopa Krishna Chandra G.

In today's world, innovation is a never-ending process that has touched our lives in unexpected ways. The world is evolving at such a rapid pace that businesses must adapt in order to flourish in this competitive environment. Furthermore, Human Resources (HR) is regarded as a critical component of every business since it primarily deals with people, and people are the most precious asset of any organisation. Recruitment is the most important position in human resources since it brings in the talents and knowledge of both new and experienced individuals. Much technological advancement has happened around the world over the decades. Strategic judgement improves performance by reducing the manual stress of certain duties. This study aims to demonstrate how AI is currently being utilised in various areas of human resources and why some people still want to go the traditional path. The main reason for choosing this topic was because AI is the future of human resources. With the help of AI, many occupations will be replaced and created in the future. Because the HR department will be revolving around AI in the near future, and we will be involved in some capacity, the researcher feels that learning more about AI would be advantageous. The researcher examined primary data from a sample of 61 people who are now pursuing or want to pursue a career in human resources. The data was gathered using an online questionnaire that examined whether or not they were aware of the application of AI in various sectors of HR and whether or not they believe AI is the future of HR. According to the findings, the majority of them were informed, and they believe AI is the next skill in HR.However, they believe that AI needs to develop in many areas before it can take over the human touch will always be present. The research focuses on individuals in HR fields solely because the research study was focused on detailed HR fields, which provided the study with full insights on AI in HR.

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