Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


Management Guidelines for Electronics and Electrical Manufacturing towards the Smart Electronics Industry

Author(s): Sompop Vittayaprapat, Nilawan Sawangrat, Porntip Shoommuangpak

Aim: This research studies management guidelines for electronics and electrical manufacturing towards the smart electronics industry.

Methodology: This research created new bodies of knowledge by using Mixed Method Research. The research was firstly started with Qualitative Research using in-depth interview technique to find factors for developing structural equation model, followed by Quantitative Research; having data from a sample group of 500 executives of large and small and medium electronics and electrical manufacturing collected in order to analyze and develop the structural equation model. Qualitative Research using focus group technique was finally carried out to verify the guidelines.

Finding: The results provided new bodies of knowledge that industrial business organizations were able to apply them to enhance organizational operational standards to smart electronics industry and maintain competitiveness in global market. Analysis results of the developed structural equation models were found that they corresponded to the evaluation criteria and were fit to empirical data with 0.137 of Chi-Square, 1.121 of Relative Chi-Square (CMIN/DF), 0.966 of Goodness of Fit (GFI) and 0.016 of Standard Root Mean Square Actual (RMSEA).

Conclusion: Research results reveal that management guidelines for electronics and electrical manufacturing towards the smart electronics industry consisted of 4 high-significant factors. The highest average guidelines of each component were as follows: (1) innovation and technology management; be able to develop innovation directly effecting on organizational data management, (2) resource management; be able to train labors to be expert in quick manufacturing, (3) marketing and alliance; provide channels for customer’s complaint for improvement, (4) supply chain management; be able to set up business alliances from providers to customers and have them be impressed with the business collaboration.

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