Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


Mitigation of Children from the Crime of Pedophilia Behavior

Author(s): Nelvitia Purba, Tengku Erwinsyahbana, Mukidi, Ali Mukti Tanjung & Rudy Pramono

Sexual abuse or Pedophilia against children is a term that encompasses various harmful behaviors that children receive. The child never gives permission to anyone to commit sexual violence against him. Even if that happens, maybe they are lied to, deceived or forced by situations that are beyond their control, such as their trust in those around them, whom they believe to be part of the people closest to them. Children must be freed from all forms of sexual behavior deviations. Sadistic reality about sex treatment deviating from adults towards children, is very worrying. The case that happened was not tolerable and very unreasonable. There has been a case of rape of an elementary school student in July 2018 by his elder brother, biological father and biological uncle in the village of Sei Lepan,Langkat. The complete portrait of every reality and existence of children on this earth, it turns out that it is not as beautiful as the rhetoric or social cultural and political jargon that is labeled and offered to children, all parties agree on the role of the child is the hope of the future, or my child is the most valuable asset to me and my child is the spirit of my life and all the frill so the heavenly life that are attached to the child. This paper tries to explore, what forms of violence that often afflict children in Medan, what factors cause it? And what efforts must be taken so that sexual violence in children can be minimized and ultimately stopped. This study uses descriptive methods, by describing the phenomenon of sexual violence in children in the city of Medan, with the actual data that the authors collected from child protection institutions in Medan, including PKPA, PUSAKA and KKSP.

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