Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


One-Stop Service Policy as a Bureaucratic Reform in Indonesia

Author(s): Akmal Umar, Amrin, Muhlis Madani, Umi Farida, Yusriadi Yusriadi, Hasmin Tamsa, Bahtiar, Ansar, Muhammad Yahya, Nurnaningsih, Syamsu Alam, Hendra Gunawan, Darwis, Chuduriah Sahabuddin, Jamaluddin, Misbahuddin, Elpisah,Zarina Akbar, Geminastiti Sakkir, Saidna Zulfiqar Bin-Tahir, Misnawati Misnawati

Bureaucratic reform is an effort to improve the system of government administration, especially institutional aspects, management, and human resources of the apparatus. One of the bureaucratic reforms in Indonesia is the establishment of the One-Stop Service (OSS) office which handles and integrates all forms of licensing. This article examined how the implementation of public service reform and how the change of management practices had been implemented in the OSS of Bone Regency. Data were collected through a semi-structured interview with 16 of OSS’ employees and nine service-users. This study applied a qualitative approach using a case study design. Techniques of data collection used three kinds of instrument, namely: in-depth interviews, observation, and office document. Data were analyzed through some phases of data reduction, presentation, and conclusions and verification. The results found that many obstacles still faced by the government during the implementation in the OSS, they are the lack of human resources and the technical staff, the fact that these staff is working at their original offices/agencies, not in the OSS. Another obstacle found that there are problems with various institutional statuses with different implications. The socialization model carried out by the OSS is considered to be less effective. Through this research, the researchers did verification of the local wisdom as one of the characteristics of the society that justified to this research, which called “Assimellereng”. 

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