Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Perception of Consumers Towards Social Media Practices Used by Marketers for Creating Brand Loyalty

Author(s): Uttera Choudhary, Priya Jhamb, Surinder Sharma

The concept of social media is top agenda for all the business firms today. Marketing Executives, Researchers and Consultants all are trying very hard to find out the ways in which a brand can make maximum use of different social media platforms. This research is focused on the statistical technique using the factor analysis on constructing the different factors related to social media which influences the brand loyalty of the consumers. The data were collected using survey questionnaires which were circulated through both offline and online modes. The number of respondents was 239 social media users who are following the different brands on social media. The methodologies used were Descriptive statistics and Factor analysis technique. The results derived shows eight factors which affect the loyalty level of consumers towards their preferred brand. Those factors are: (1) Accessibility; (2) Informative; (3) Brand image; (4) Customer care services; (5) Advertisements; (6) Relationship building; (7) Convenience; (8) Feedback. The findings of this study will enable the firms to have an overview of the perception of consumers towards different social media practices used by marketers. This research study was conducted in the year 2018 in India for FMCG products (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). This research will be very useful for the researchers who are working in the area of developing social media strategies for creation of brand loyalty.