Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Purchasing Behavior of Pharmaceutical Products in Rajasthan: An Exploratory Study on Influencing Variables in Pharmaceutical Marketing

Author(s): Sudhinder Singh Chowhan, Sunita Tank, Sandesh Kumar Sharma and Chandra Pal Yadav

Purpose – The research paper focused on investigating the marketing strategies used by pharmaceutical businesses in Rajasthan, India. In India, the pharmaceutical sector is heavily regulated, and to market their medicines, businesses must comply with some intricate laws and rules. The purpose of the study is to discuss the methods pharmaceutical businesses use to sell their goods, such as sales agents, internet marketing channels, and promotional events. Design/methodology - To fully understand pharmaceutical marketing practices, the study uses a mixed-methods approach that includes quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques, such as surveys of patients and healthcare professionals, interviews with key stakeholders, and analysis of secondary data sources. A proportional random selection approach is used to pick 120 participants at different levels from the population of 900 participants (Pharma managers), and data and information are gathered in Rajasthan using a pre-tested interview schedule. Originality/value - To prove the hypothesis, the structural equation model was applied to software version 3.2.9 to test the determining factors. This research endeavors to suggest the buying behavior adoption willingness of consumers. Finding- The findings of the study suggest that pharmaceutical companies in Rajasthan need to adopt an integrated marketing approach that focuses on customer needs, offers reliable and affordable products, and adheres to ethical marketing practices. The findings will be of interest to marketing managers, policymakers, and researchers in the pharmaceutical industry. Future scope - The study also recommends further research on the impact of marketing strategies on customer behavior and the long-term success of pharmaceutical companies in Rajasthan.

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