Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research (Print ISSN: 1533-3590; Online ISSN: 1533-3604)


Registration of Weaving Copyrights and their Effects on Increasing Sales Turnover and Rising Selling Prices towards Increased Competitiveness of Indonesian Weaving Crafts in Global Marketing

Author(s): Mamik Indaryani, Sulistyowati, Suparnyo, Kertati Sumekar, Sri Mulyani, Budi Gunawan

This article explains about efforts to protect copyrighted weaving motifs by registering Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) weaving motifs with the aim of ultimately increasing the competitiveness of weaving in the Global market. The focus of the activity, namely: increasing knowledge and awareness about the importance of protecting the copyrighted work of motifs, the ability of craftsmen resources in doing innovation both in terms of raw materials, motifs and marketing. The method used is a value chain. This approach systematically calculates and maps problems in all stages starting from raw materials, production and marketing processes as well as analysis of various linkages and information flow along the chain. The development strategy based on mapping the potential of human resources and superior commodities possessed, then synergize with the Regional Government and the Central Government, related Departments and Agencies synergistically and coordinative. The results of the study concluded that there is still a lack of ability of the craftsmens human resources technically and knowledge of the meaning of IPR protection for the work created for the benefit of business and business sustainability. On the other hand, consumers lack awareness to give credit to woven works by making IPR one of the considerations in making choices other than preferences for motives, prices and other factors. This article based on the results of a leading applied research university in 2019 funded by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) through a DRPM grant.

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