Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Technology Acceptance Model and Social Commerce Sites Usage: An Impact of Social Influence and Social Capital

Author(s): Kamaljeet Kaur and Dr. Satinder Kumar

Given the broad adoption of social commerce sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn, theorizing and comprehending the usage behavior and attitude of users towards the social commerce sites are prime in emerging consideration and deployment of those new advancements in future. One way to deal with such issues on various factors of social commerce sites adoption behavior is return to the TAM. The aim of this study is to identify underlying factors and causal relationships that affect behavioral intentions to use social commerce sites. Thus, this study established an extended TAM, integrating social influence and social capital for forecasting the adoption and usage behavior of social commerce sites. This study was applied exploratory correlation and path analyses to find the relationship among six constructs: perceived ease of use (EU), social influence (SI), social capital (SC), perceived usefulness (PU), intention to use (ITU), and actual use (AU) with a questionnaire survey of 579 social commerce site users. Study reveals that the social commerce adoption model anticipated during this research accepted all the hypotheses related to usage behavior of social commerce site users. Moreover, study provides a clear and well understanding of “who is and who is not using these sites, why and for what purposes”.

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