Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Print ISSN: 1544-0036; Online ISSN: 1544-0044)


The Concept of Creating Character of the Nation's Successful Generation of Anti-Corruption to Realize Good Governance in the Time of Covid-19 in North Sumatera

Author(s): Sri Sulistyawati, Mukidi, Iwan Setiawan, Nelvitia Purba, Rudy Pramono

The purpose of this study is to apply character education to the younger generation of Indonesia so that it plays a role as an anti-corruption agent of change as a form of realizing good governance in North Sumatra Province. Mental has a close relationship with character. Mental is a person's inner atmosphere in the face of an event. The state of a person's soul can not be seen, but can be known from the symptoms. If someone is strong in responding to an event, they are said to have a strong mentality. Conversely, if someone is immersed in an event without being able to control and direct the events at hand, they are said to have a weak mentality. A person's steady and specific mental attitude is a reflection of a person's character. The way of thinking and behaving that characterizes a person who focuses on how to apply the value of goodness in the form of actions or behavior, especially in fortifying oneself from start in preventing corruption, especially during Covid 19 Pandemic where economic conditions are experiencing shocks.

               The method used in this study is empirical using a fact approach and a concept approach and is presented in an analytical descriptive manner supported by: 
a)       Literature review: books related to character education.
b)       Other writings and books relevant to modeling prevents corruption.
               From the results of study, it can be stated that the role of younger generation as an anti-corruption agent of Change to realize good governance in Sumatra Province will be able to make a direct change in their lives. Or make himself an agent of change, meaning that students have a great resource in character building education, and they never run out. As a student, they are considered to be a group of people who have good morals, not only having academic abilities that are prioritized. By having a good character and of course academic achievement, at least the students/young generation will become social control in their social life when carrying out their daily activities. 
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