Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Effect of Competence and Discipline of Work on Motivation and its Impact on Performance of Forensic Checkers at Puslabfor Bareskrim Indonesia National Police (POLRI)

Author(s): Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Meita Pragiwani, Yuswardi

The main tasks of the Indonesian National Police, Criminal Investigation Division, and Central Forensic Laboratory are to conduct evidence of examination and carry out crime scene processing, which is inseparable from the performance of the Central Forensic Laboratory's forensic examiners. Performance is an interesting phenomenon to study that is a multitude of factors influencing it. This is the work of competence and its impact on the performance of forensic examiners. The census method is used in sample determination. Primary data collection through questionnaires was distributed to 78 respondents. The research was analyzed using multiple linear regression with path analysis and Sobel test by showing the results: 1) Competence directly influences performance, 2) Work discipline directly influences performance, 3) Competence directly influences motivation 4) Work discipline has a direct effect on motivation, 5) Motivation directly affects performance, 6) Competence indirectly affects performance through motivation, 7) Work discipline does not indirectly affect the performance through motivation, 8) Competence and work discipline simultaneously affect motivation, 9) Competence, work discipline, and motivation simultaneously affect the performance of forensic examiners.

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