Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict (Print ISSN: 1544-0508; Online ISSN: 1939-4691 )


The Emergence of Media Entrepreneurship As A Promising Field of Research

Author(s): Aidin Salamzadeh

Despite the importance of media entrepreneurship, this field is poorly studied by scholars of entrepreneurship during the past decade. Nevertheless, scholars in the field of media and communication studies- such as Hoag (2008), Ferrier (2013), Khajeheian (2017 a,b), Salamzadeh et al. (2019); Horst & Hitters (2020); Achtenhagen (2020)- have recently put more emphasis on this emerging field. Nevertheless, why this field is interesting? Is there any significant difference between media entrepreneurs and other types of entrepreneurs? What is specific about media entrepreneurship? These are among several open questions in this domain. If one focuses on the particularities of media entrepreneurship, he/she will notice that these entrepreneurs are among the most famous players of the entrepreneurial scenes Salamzadeh & Radovic Markovic, (2018). For instance, founders of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Telegram are among the most famous media entrepreneurs who are titled as "entrepreneurs", "digital entrepreneurs" or "technological entrepreneurs" in entrepreneurship research Tajpour et al., (2019). Their difference could be due to the particularities of media markets as well as [digital] media goods. These entrepreneurs could quickly expand their markets through the Internet and social media platforms without any need to spend a whale of money and time on preparing the physical infrastructure. Instead, their markets could be expanded by engaging more audience from a variety of countries around the Globe. Moreover, [digital] media goods are unique, as most of them are not competitive, and the use of one audience does not limit others from using the same goods. [Digital] media goods are readily producible and expandable. That is to say; media entrepreneurs could quickly produce and publish their goods and services through available online platforms. Media entrepreneurs have easier access to their audience, and this makes them unique. Media entrepreneurs are repeatedly invited to global forums and unions as they can influence a large number of people, and this makes them more involved in socio-political gatherings. Last but not least is the unique business models used by media entrepreneurs (Salamzadeh et al., 2019).

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