Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Financial Incentive and its Effect in Improving the Employee's Capacities Analytic Study at Al- Qasim Green University

Author(s): Hayder Abd Noor Hadi & Abdullah Khadem Hassan

This study deals with the financial incentive and its effect in improving the employee's capacities. The enormous and speed growing the world testifies in domain of developing the institution leads to increase the concerning about improving the employees' capacities by supporting them with the financial incentive and rewards which in return reflect positively on all aspects of institution. This study aims to define the relevance of effect and correlation between the financial incentive and the employee's capacities by the focus on the represented issue with how to determine the adequate financial incentive which in return leads to promote the employee's capacities at Al-Qasim Green University. The researcher uses the descriptive method with a correlated relevance to be convenient with the research solving-problem and fulfill its aims. Also, he depends on the collecting data method by pre-prepared questionnaire for the same reason; the appropriate statistics are used in analyzing the data by the statistical package for the social science program (SPSS.V.20). The study reveals set of conclusions that there's significant correlation and effect relevance between the research bivariate. Furthermore the study indicates the following recommendations: the emphasis on yielding the convenient financial incentive to boost the employee's capacities.

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