Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


The Influence of Customer Perceived Ethicality (Cpe) on Brand Outcomes-A Study of the Indian Service Sector

Author(s): A N Ravichandran, Bilal M Khan and Shanthi Venkatesh

CPE, as different from the way firms perceive their ethical agenda is receiving exclusive attention of the Academia and businesses alike. The relationships between CPE and brand related outcomes and their implications for Business and Research have received considerable attention, with a call to replicate research in different geographies given the significantly varying effects on ethical perceptions. Accordingly, this study draws from extant research and studies various relationships that CPE has on a set of brand related outcomes. Four models are conceptualised showing relational paths between CPE and Brand Loyalty/Brand Equity. Conducted exclusively in the service sector in India, perceived service quality (PSQ) is used as an intervening variable, along with Brand Affect and Brand Trust. Data is collected for six service categories and 31 brands using a Likert scale based survey. Using Structural Equation Modelling, the Measurement model and the Structural model are analysed and both direct and indirect effects are measured using the bootstrapping procedure. Findings reveal that CPE has a definite positive indirect effect on brand related outcomes, with varying results depending on the variables chosen as well as varying with cited studies in Europe. Several conclusions are drawn for the benefit of Business/Academia.

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