Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Print ISSN: 1544-1458; Online ISSN: 1939-6104)


The Relationship between Information Technology and Strategic Knowledge Management and their Impact on the Financial Performance of Iraqi Companies

Author(s): Batool Abd Ali Ghali, Liqaa Miri Habeeb

The research aims to determine the relationship between management information technology and strategic knowledge management in Iraqi industrial companies, as well as to identify the impact of that relationship on the financial performance of these companies. In order to achieve this objective, the research was conducted on a sample of the Iraqi industrial companies represented by (Al-Hilal Industrial Company, Baghdad Soft Drinks Company, and Iraqi Company for Carpets and Furniture) for the fiscal years (2014-2015). An analytical study was conducted to identify the Information Technology (IT) used in the administrative process and how companies manage knowledge and its impact on financial performance. A survey was conducted through distributing (100) forms to the staff of the company, and through their responses, the research objectives were achieved. As far as the model of analysis is concerned, the researchers utilized the statistical program SPSS and Likart for analyzing the responses of the study sample to the questionnaires distributed. The main findings of the research are the relationship between IT and strategic knowledge management, which is reflected in the efficiency of the financial performance of the research sample companies. IT helps to develop the administrative structure of the company in a way that increases its financial performance. The most important thing recommended by the research is the need for industrial companies to exploit the expertise and knowledge that they possess in providing administrative and strategic plans that help them achieve their future goals and avoid falling into crises and administrative problems. 

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