Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)

Editorials: 2022 Vol: 26 Issue: 5S

Benefits of Digital Screen Advertising In Apartment Lift Lobbies

Kishore Babu, Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation

Citation Information: Kishore Babu, B. (2022). benefits of digital screen advertising in apartment lift lobbies. Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 26(S5), 1-2.




Elevator advertising is a particularly niche type of marketing that caters to a specific targeted audience. The target demographic is mostly those who ride in elevators, and the brands that advertise typically have an outlet or a store in the neighborhood of the elevator. The elevator could be in a commercial centre, a mall, a corporate building, or a residential apartment complex, for example. The most remarkable aspect of elevator lobby screen advertising is that it is both cost-effective and far-reaching while still remaining hyper-local. Lobby screens work for you around the clock, embedding themselves deeper and deeper in the purchasing minds of your customers with each passing day and giving you complete control over where, when, and how ads are displayed, rather than paying large sums on mass media with no track record of audience reach and no control over who views an advertisement. It can also ease a customer's purchasing worries. Businesses are looking for a convenient, impactful, and most crucially, cost-effective advertising alternative as the world recovers from the pandemic. In a world of unpredictable lockdowns, this involves contemplating out-of-the-box methods that are work-from-home friendly and create an omnipresence impression. The use of digital screens in apartment lift lobbies was a wonderful fit. As India's population matures and becomes richer, elevators have started to become a common element in residential complexes as well. India has 0.16 elevators per 1,000 inhabitants, and the number of high-rise buildings is lower, resulting in lower elevator speeds and fewer pauses. The majority of elevators travel at 0.6 metres per second, making elevator advertising quite adaptable. The inventiveness of a person is not restricted by the four walls of an elevator; it is limitless.

The lobbies of apartment elevators are excellent sites to advertise. Advertising in apartment lift lobbies allows you to interact with your target audience on a more personal level. Apartment dwellers use lift lobbies at least twice a day. This means that putting your brand right in the middle of people's homes will increase brand recall. If digital screens are installed in the lobbies, the possibilities of getting additional brand impressions nearly quadruple. These screens are frequently used to promote products.

The commercials on the digital screens are static and run in a loop; they usually display the daily horoscope or a few jokes. If executed properly, digital advertising inside an elevator has the potential to revolutionize the face of out-of-home advertising. It will have an impact not just on the individuals who view the commercials but also on the marketers, who will gain in a variety of ways. When residents or guests enter an elevator in a residential building, they become a captive audience for the digital elevators. This means that a person will be exposed to ads on a daily basis. No other medium can provide the same level of consistent exposure as digital advertising in an elevator.

The advertising message that can be displayed on the screens can be controlled completely and in real time. That is to say, if there is a special weekend, holiday, or limited-time promotion, the system can adjust the advertising accordingly. Building announcements, maintenance reminders, holiday greetings, and critical announcements can all be shown digitally on elevator displays by the authorities. LCD touch displays are included in digital elevator screens, allowing elevator passengers to interact with the interactive content displayed on the screen.

The benefits of digital screen advertising in apartment lift lobbies are numerous for both sponsors and viewers. They are as follows:

  1. A good captive waiting time.
  2. A higher frequency of advertisements.
  3. A low gap between the media and the audience.
  4. There are a plethora of inventive possibilities for advertising brand campaigns, and
  5. A higher interaction ratio.

Aside from that, the daily repetition of ads will keep customers in touch with the company. As a result, there will be a wider reach among people, with a greater chance of influencing clients' purchasing decisions. As a result, showing recurrent advertisements in these affluent areas will ensure consistent brand sales. 

Received: 31-May-2022, Manuscript No. AMSJ-22-12109; Editor assigned: 02-May-2022, PreQC No. AMSJ-22-12109(PQ); Reviewed: 16-Jun-2022, QC No. AMSJ-22-12109; Published: 20-Jun-2022

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