Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research (Print ISSN: 1533-3590; Online ISSN: 1533-3604)

Short commentary: 2021 Vol: 22 Issue: 3

Covid 19 Pandemic: Impact on Formal Education

Adewale Hayduk, Clayton State University

Citation Information: Hayduk, A. (2021). Covid 19 pandemic: impact on formal education. Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, 22(S3), 1-2

The majority of information collected on the amount of scholars and learners compact by COVID-19 has been calculated supported the closure of formal education systems. The UN agency Institute for Statistics provides figures on students compact by COVID-19 equivalent to the amount of learners listed at pre-primary, primary, lower-secondary, and upper-secondary levels of education Baker and Michael (2013). Furthermore as at tertiary education levels. On average, academics in K-primary colleges were header worse with the transition than high school educators and university instructors.

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood academic programmes area unit sometimes designed for youngsters below the age of three and will talk over with preschools, nursery colleges, kindergartens, and a few day care programmes. Whereas several primary and secondary colleges have closed round the world because of COVID-19, measures impacting infancy academic programmes have varied Alexander et al. (2007). In some countries and territories as an example in Australia preschools and day cares area unit demanded services and haven't closed cycle with broader faculty closure measures.

In the US, the Washington State Department of youngsters, Youth, and Families inspired kid care and early learning centres to remain open. Some faculty districts might supply various kid care choices, prioritising the youngsters of initial responders and care staff. The governor of Maryland mandated that specific kid care services stay open for the youngsters of emergency personnel whereas Washington State and California have left it to the discretion of care suppliers Hanushek and Woessmann (2012). California Governor Gavin Newsom explained his state's position, speech communication “We would like our kid care facilities, our child care centers, to work to soak up the impact of those faculty closures” Colorado has inspired the event of "tool kits" for fogeys to use reception to emulate the teachings kids would have received in their early learning programmes.


Primary or educational activity generally consists of the primary four to seven years of formal education. Preschool is that the initial time kids participate in formal education. supported a comparison of longitudinal skill information in kindergarten-aged students throughout a spring semester of schooling versus throughout summer vacation, one study expected that COVID-19 faculty closures would slow the speed of skill ability gain by sixty six in preschool kids within the absence of mitigating various academic ways. The study estimates that over associate 8-month amount from one Jan to one Sept 2020, presumptuous faculty closures from sixteen March to one Sept 2020 (and taking into consideration the summer vacation that may have still ordinarily taken place throughout that time), that these preschool kids would have gained thirty first less skill ability on the average than if faculty closures had not occurred.


Secondary education is in most countries the innovate the education time accountable for the event of the young throughout their adolescence, the foremost speedy part of their physical, mental and emotional growth. However, in keeping with several researchers, pedagogy students have lost the structure they have so as to thrive within the secondary atmosphere. Instead, students struggle with independence and area unit in danger of falling behind because of distractors in their home and on-line Altonji and Pierret (2001). The socialemotional prosperity of secondary students is additionally of concern with a recent survey citing that eightieth of scholars have intimate some negative impact to their psychological state because of the pandemic. Two hundredth says their psychological state has considerably worsened. The middle for malady management (CDC) suggests that students ought to get lots of rest, exercise often, and eat well-balanced meals so as to help in handling the mental stressors of the pandemic.


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