Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)

Short communication: 2021 Vol: 25 Issue: 2S

Marketing and Technology an Emerging Field of Excellence

Sashikala Parimi, ICFAI Business School


Marketing has become a technology-powered discipline, and it’s leading to the rise of new kinds of marketing professionals. Marketing Technology refers to software used by marketers to perform marketing activities. Marketing and Technology (MarTech) applications help marketers plan and execute marketing campaigns, collect and analyse the results of those campaigns, measure & track marketing performance, and apply the insights to future campaigns.


Accounting Organization, Banking Operations, Management Reporting, Accounting Policy, Information Base.

Marketing and Technology

The marketing technologist builds on technological, marketing, analytical and strategical qualities leading to analyse new business opportunities and building technological solutions for marketing purposes. A marketing technologist is a technically skilled person who designs and operates technology solutions in the service of marketing.

They’re passionate about reimagining what marketing can do in a digital world which helps nontechnical marketers to plan better campaigns, programs, and customer experiences that efficiently influence software and data. They help manage the new kinds of technical interfaces that marketing has with agencies and service providers layer between them. The most distinctive characteristic of the current marketing technologist is bridging paradoxical worlds (for example IT and marketing).

Covid-19 is an economic, social, and health care crisis that continues to take a heavy toll on businesses. It has also served as a catalyst for change on an unprecedented scale and is forcing CEOs to make tough decisions for their businesses. Enterprises across industries are at an inflection point, where they risk being left behind unless they change their digital strategies to adapt to and thrive in the new normal. Businesses need to move beyond their comfort zones and boldly adopt new technologies to transform business and operating models while accelerating changes to their organizational culture.

It has become well established that people are using an increasing range of tools and technologies—from social media to smartphones—to help make more informed purchasing decisions. They help manage the new kinds of technical interfaces that marketing has with agencies and service providers—the API1 layer between them.

Most common tools and technologies in the MarTech include:

Digital Asset Management solution is widely used for managing and grouping the content, which is the driving force behind marketing, having a single, centralized resource for managing a large volume of digital assets for marketing efficiency and effectiveness Indrajeet (2019).

Since the organizations rely more on the analytic solutions which provide a quantifiable means of measuring the effectiveness of marketing messaging, campaigns, channels, and more.
Lead Management tools help marketers engage, nurture, and qualify potential leads to determine sales-readiness.

Customer Relationship Management help companies keep track of their customer base, providing a central resource for sales and customer relationship team members who need to interact with customers and prospects. Email marketing may be a built-in technology or procured as a separate service.

Marketing Automation tools can streamline the process of nurturing leads by initiating specified actions based on consumer behavior. Content Management System allow marketers to manage a company’s web presence, including primary websites, blogs, landing pages, and more. Social Media Management tools simplify the process of managing and engaging users across the many social media platforms today’s consumers use.


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