Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Awareness and Knowledge to Georgian Qvevri Wine in Poland and the Ways to Its Improvement

Author(s): Rusudan Beriashvili

Qvevri wine is something unusual and at the same time very understandable for final customers. What drives such wine to sale? What kind of motivators must be increased in final customers? What inspires customers to buy wine made with oldest known method of winemaking? What do Polish customers know about Georgian Qvevri Wine? All these questions must be answered by wine marketers and the answers are strategically important for Georgian wine producers. Why Poland has been selected as a case for study for the present article? Georgia and Poland has been in closing political, cultural and trade relationships since the Soviet period, therefore the awareness regarding Georgian traditional winemaking is high among polish customers. Qvevri Wine is a new trade product for the Polish market, though; we presume that because Georgian wines are traditionally highly evaluated by Polish people, Qvevri wine, an authentic Georgian traditional winemaking product, would be also welcomed in Polish wine market. However, this commodity is little known for Polish people and needs strong market promotion. The article aims to study the attitude of Polish wine customers towards Georgian Qvevri wine.Research method - the study was conducted in two steps. The literature analysis was done. A quantitative survey was used to measure how wine customers in Poland know Qvevri wine and what inspired them to learn more and buy Qvevri wine exported from Georgia. The survey, originally developed at Manko Association in Krakow, was modified to include questions on wine consumption. The survey included 10 questions using different types of questions. In order to measure the knowledge of the customers to Qvevri Wine, some respondents were invited to online study. Finally 45 respondents, citizens of Poland, living in Krakow participated in the survey. Findings - are special ways to motivate customers to some higher knowledge to Qvevri Wine making can serve as a guideline to future sales.