Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research (Print ISSN: 1533-3590; Online ISSN: 1533-3604)


Investigating and Ranking the Components of Supply Chain Management Performance in Development Projects Based on the Hybrid Fuzzy ANP Based Approach Fuzzy Topsis

Author(s): Ali Dehghani, Farnaz Khaleghi, Seyed Mansour Heshmati Sanzighi

This study aims to investigate the component supply chain performance in Economic projects based on the Hybrid Fuzzy ANP-based Approach and Fuzzy TOPSIS. We first tried in this research to identify the factors affecting the sustainable supply chain and then rank the suppliers using ANP and fuzzy TOPSIS methods. The main criteria for supply chain management in development projects have been classified into three categories: structural factors, economic factors and environmental factors. Based on the eigenvector obtained in this research, economic factors have the highest priority with the normal weight of 0.25, the environmental factors have the second priority with the normal weight of 0.32, and the structural factors have the last priority with the normal weight of 0.25. The analysis of the internal relations has shown that political and economic factors have the greatest impact of all. The infrastructural and environmental factors have been influenced greatly. The ultimate prioritization of the indicators using the FANP technique has shown that the integration of processes has the first priority with the weight of 0.107. Integration and Mosharekat, cost of resources and automation have the next degrees of priority. Finally, based on the management dashboard, seven companies were prioritized using the fuzzy TOPSIS technique.

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