Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Propagation of Emotional Intelligence: A Systematic Overview of Literature

Author(s): Lakshmi K. N., Sekhara Rao K.S. and Saraswathi A. B.

Purpose: Sensing the emotion and controlling the emotions are the integral parts of emotional intelligence. Lake of this skill is unbalancing the emotions and causing the decline of performance of the employees. Now a day the employees need to understand their emotions and proper reaction for those emotions to improve their emotional intelligence and their quality of services. Towards this the present study made an extensive analysis on available literature of emotional intelligence and its influence on service quality and the organization’s performance to address the serious problem of decline in service quality. Design / Approach: Both theoretical and empirical peer-reviewed research articles were considered for in-depth literature analysis. The research studies have been collected from various research databases like Scopus, EBSCO, Science direct etc., Findings: Based on the plethora of studies and a systematic literature review on emotional intelligence, it has been identified that, every individual in the organization must be more emotionally sensitive and also should have culture of emotional balance inherently. After having an extensive review of literature on emotional intelligence and its role on improving service quality especially, in the service sector like information technology (IT), it could be understanding that, the researchers given the conclusion of employee work performance and quality of services would be influenced by their emotional intelligence. With the help the conclusions and strategies given by the earlier research studies an employee can, cope up with emerging technology, and competitive market conditions in all sectors. Particularly, in the sectors like information technology (IT) which contains the stress related work atmosphere where emotions play vital role in getting expected outcome of the employee need to sense their emotions and proper reaction to those emotions directly impacts improvement of employee abilities and quality of their output. The study also focused on models of emotional intelligence such as ability model and mixed model to analyze its role on improvement of service quality. The ability model dealt with individual abilities whereas the mixed model of emotional intelligence dealt with the combination of abilities and some behaviors and qualities of the individuals. So, from the analysis of those models it is advised that, service industries such as IT’s/ITE’s, BPO’s, need to adopt and implement the above models of emotional intelligence for the enhancement of employee ability and his service quality

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