Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


Survivability and Resilience of Supply Chain System Post-Pandemic in India

Author(s): Ramanjaneyulu Mogili, Kashmira Ganji and G.V.R.K Acharyulu

Purpose: The Supply Chain (SC) in India will undergo a dramatic change in the future due to COVID 19 pandemic. Supply chains in collaboration with digital technologies have the potential survivability opportunities in the new normal environment. The paper provides a conceptual foundation on how India will cope with the current pandemic in the economic crisis. Design/methodology/approach: It is a conceptual paper, addressing the application of SC technology and concludes the proposed model with constructs and concepts that are useful for the renovation of the resilient post-COVID SC. The propositions are made to explore the impact of the Supply Chain (SC) on implementation of Resilience and survivability of the post-pandemic environment. Findings: The study shows the importance of technology adoption in building a resilient supply chain with outcomes like recovery, survivability, and improved performance of SC. The article discusses challenges and potential opportunities with the effect of COVID 19, to enable supply chain professionals for effective planning of operations in future. Research limitations/implications: The study is limited to a conceptual framework, wherein future there is scope of converting the propositions into a testable hypothesis. The proposed model can be applied to manufacturing and service industries with a global focus. Originality/Value: This is a novel study that aims to develop a conceptual model on building supply chain resilience with the effect of COVID 19 pandemic. This article elaborates on ongoing efforts to restart supply chains for survivability in the new normal situation