Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research (Print ISSN: 1533-3590; Online ISSN: 1533-3604)


The Influence of Leading Commodity, Quality of Labor, Economic Structure, and Productivity of Labor against Inequality of Income among the Regencies in South Sumatra Province, Indonesia

Author(s): Syamsurijal Abdul Kadir, Azwardi, Anna Yulianita, Siti Rohima

This research aims to know the influence of leading commodities, quality of labor (life expectancy and education), economic structure, and productivity of labor toward inequality of income among regencies in the Province of South Sumatra. The data used in this research are panel data consist of time series (2010-2016) and cross-section (14 regencies). The method of analysis used in this study is a multiple linear regression analysis technique. The results show that an increase in number of leading commodity of coffee, labor productivity of palm oil and economic structure can reduce the inequality of income among the regencies, while the increase in palm oil as a leading commodity, and labor productivity of coffee can increase income inequality among the regencies in South Sumatra Province.
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