Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1095-6298; Online ISSN: 1528-2678)


The Theoretical Comparative Analysis on Digital Women Entrepreneurship

Author(s): Prerna Katoch, Syeda Shazia Bukhari

The rise of digital entrepreneurship in developing markets is examined in this article. The author uses the idea of institutional voids as our analytical lens since these economies lack a well-developed institutional structure. Social and women's entrepreneurship have become two rapidly rising areas of entrepreneurship study in recent years. Previous literature suggests that women are best suited to manage social ventures in the form of social entrepreneurship. However, the importance of gender in the field of social entrepreneurship is understudied, necessitating additional analysis, which is the focus of this report. We examine how women entrepreneurs participate in social entrepreneurship systems in unstable Base of the Pyramid environments using a multiple case study strategy involving four companies from two developing markets ??? India and South America. We explore the entrepreneurship journey and decision-making logics used at different levels of venture growth using the effectuation prism. Woman social entrepreneurs are strongly inspired to address social problems, according to the findings. During the business production stages, woman founders often exhibit a subtle transition between the two methods of cause and effectuation. This research focuses on the unique obstacles that women entrepreneurs face in developing markets, as well as the inclusive tactics they use to boost socioeconomic growth.
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